The Orange County Hispanic Chamber is Proud and Excited to partner with City of Hope Orange County

City of Hope Orange County is investing $1 Billion in Orange County to build a state - of-the-art cancer and research center and is working every day to improve the health and well-being of all of us in Orange County.   Cancer screenings have dropped up to 94 percent, potentially leading to cancers that may go undiagnosed or diagnosed at a later stage. Cancer doesn’t stop because of COVID-19. The pandemic underscores the importance of having world class-cancer treatment accessible and close to home and now we do with City of Hope Orange County.   I t is essential to have routine screenings because the best way to fight cancer is to prevent it in the first place.   Hispanics are at a higher risk for liver, stomach and cervical cancer and that is especially why we want to educate our members on the extreme importance of routine cancer screenings.   Scanxiety: How to Keep it from Derailing Your Next Cancer Scan Physicians who work with cancer patients have coined a term for


Established in 1986 in Santa Ana, California, the Orange County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce has provided services to businesses in Orange County for over twenty years.The OCHCC’s membership is comprised of great variations. It includes businesses in Orange County to those outside the county, Hispanic as well as non-Hispanic, small businesses and large corporations.